Saturday, September 22, 2007

The ladies of Charles Place



    "What no bingo again this week?" said Dee. I wanted to win something today," she shrilled. Dee is the resident "Diva", of Our senior community.


I do not play bingo, Thursdays or anyday, the game is to slow and non-thinking but you must have good eyesightJ



Maybe one of these days the dice will change and someone else ,,, anyone else, will win at least (2) of the prizes. As I said , I do not play , but their table area in the dinning room is back-to-back to my bedroom, oh yes, I can hear when u win. Also stop buying soo many sodas from the vending mach. That sound is even nearer.please ,stop the loud sounds ok?


I received my new catalog today ,harriet carter distinctive gifts , and low and behold a pillow , a cousins pillow.

It states,,, cousins are many, friends are few. I am glad I found both in you.

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